The Adventure Party: Temple of Fruit occured in August 2012.

There were Fruit Costumes given away for free to Members they were Watermelon Costume, Apple Costume, Pinapple Costume in addition to the Grape Costume too.  The Party has ended.


First go to the Migrator and go to his catalog and get the items click on the title for a secret item.

Go to the Cove for the Pineapple Headband.

Next the Apple Headband can be located at the Forest.

The Watermelon Headband is at the Cove.

The Grape Headband is located in the Rockhopper's Rare Items Catalog which is at The Migrator.

For members there is a catalog at the Dock, Forest and Cove.

Go to the Volcano accesed via Snow Forts and get the free Kahuna backgrounds. Once you have all 3 you get a Grape costume.

Enter the temple with 3 fruits which are highlighted at the Dock, Cove and Forest.

Follow the path till you are in the temple and claim a costume for each day after feeding the statue.

A Pin called The Fruit Combo Pin was located at the Iceberg.

Look Below For Rooms!


The Snow Forts


The Dock


The Night Club


The Forest


The Cove


The Volcano Mouth