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Famous Penguins, are non-playable characters that fit into the Club Penguin storyline and missions. Meetable famous characters give out a free background. Using hacking programs such as WPE PRO or Penguin Storm can make you look like become a famous penguin, But please note that it is client side (Shows by you only) and is against the rules and may get you banned.

Famous Penguins That Own a Blog or Well Known PenguinsEdit

Please note: Do not remove any users.

Feel free to add penguins as long as they are famous.

  • Batreeqah
  • Chrisdog93
  • Trainman1405
  • Zellyflower
  • Monchocho
  • Coolpool79
  • Cena12121
  • Andromeda4
  • Flyboy102