270px-Marvel Super Hero Takeover Party Logo

The logo for the party.


What Loki looks like on Club Penguin.

The Marvel Superhero Takeover (commonly referred as the the Superhero Party) is a party in Club Penguin, which was held from June 14th, 2012 to July 4th, 2012. It was officially confirmed on the UK website of Club Penguin on May 3, 2012. Aunt Arctic was meetable at this party. It was possible to become a Super Hero, a Super Villain, Police Officer, a robber, or a reporter. This party immediately followed the Meteor Crash Landing. The Destructobot unleashed a whole wave of villains on the island. The Marvel Catalog and Items For Everyone Catalog were available in the Gift Shop with tons of new items. Club Penguin hosted this party for the new Marvel Movie, The Avengers. It also attracted media interest by companies such as USA Today, and Billybob says it was one of the biggest events Club Penguin has ever done. If you met Aunt Arctic during the party you would get her stamp and you could get the Aunt Arctic Giveaway Background background.