Herberts bg

Herbert's Player Card.

Operation: Blackout was confirmed by Billybob, Polofield and Herbert on their Twitter accounts. It will be led by Herbert P.Bear Esquire and Klutzy should make an appearence. This will be Herbert P.Bear Esquire's first appearance as a mascot. Herbert P.Bear Esquire and Klutzy launched their Twitter accounts when Operation: Blackout was confirmed.  Operation: Blackout is now over.


  • It is possible that Operation: Blackout will replace the party in November, because many penguins believed that Card Jitsu Snow would be released in November.
  • Billybob proved in his appearance on server Cloudy that Herbert P. Bear Esquire will be meetable during Operation: Blackout.
  • Dot The Disguise Gal will be meetable during the party after Penguins found the mascot codes (i.e. 1, 2, and 3) for 7 different mascot codes, Jet Bot, Wheel Bot, Protobot, The Director, Klutzy, and Jet Pack Guy. They may all be meetable Mascots, due to the fact that all their game files are available.