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Rocky is a minor character on Club Penguin and aswell as CeCe has only appeared at the Ultimate Jam in July 2012. Rocky also appears in the Disney show Shake It Up. If you met Rocky or/and CeCe you will get the Rocky and CeCe's Giveaway.


  • Rocky loves school and she holds a perfect attendance record.
  • She is a vegetarian.
  • Rocky has taken karate before and when asked about Sensei she says,"Who's Sensei?" "Hmm..." "Maybe I should challenge this Sensei..." "To a Karate-Dance off!"
  • According to CeCe, her favorite game is homework.
  • She does not have her own stamp, mostly because she is just a visitor to Club Penguin
  • She is seen with her bestfriend, CeCe.
  • There is another penguin called Rocky, if you search Rocky%, you will see it. It only works in Spanish servers.